Welcome and Thank you for downloading the Trix calculator application from apperji, Below you will find a guide to help you use this application.

Home Screen:

Trix Calculator Menu

– New game: allows you to start a new game, an alert message will pop notifying you that proceeding with this option will close any previous games that may have not been concluded. The Application saves the progress of every event as you play, therefore if for any reason you decided to abandon a game halfway and return to it after a short (or long) break the details entered will still be saved. Therefore by starting a new game, any unfinished game will be abandoned and a new score card will be initiated.*Note: you can still view the abandoned game in the history button, however it will only display the information entered and you cannot edit it.

– Continue Last Game: In order to continue a previous game, just click on this button and you will be redirected to the details of where you left of last. Here you can also go back and edit the information entered. This button will only appear if there is a game that has been stopped

History: This button displays a list of all the previous games that have been played and saved. Each item on the list displays quick information, such as what type of game it was (Complex or not) and the name of the players, (2 names indicates that the game was a partnership game and 4 names indicate that it was a singles game.) By clicking on an item on the list you can see every detail of the game entered however you CANNOT edit these. The history menu will allow you to brag to your friends and prove that you are the Trix Champion.

Help: Will open this page to help you better use the Trix Calculator app

Start New Game:

When you click to start a new game a message will appear to prompt you to enter the player with the 7 of hearts this is important because of the order of play.

Then you will have to select the type of game you are playing:

  • Complex or not
  • Partners or singles

You can choose any combination of Complex Trix singles, Complex Trix Partners, Normal Trix singles or Normal Trix partners. To choose a combination just toggle the switches next to each variable.

Next you will be prompted to enter the player names, if you have chosen singles then there will be 4 fields to fill out, if you have chosen partners then only 2 fields will appear.

*Note: You can choose any character length for names or nicknames, however please keep in mind that if the name is too long it will automatically be shortened and appear as “abc…”

Using the calculator:

According to the type of game you have selected the display will differ, however filling in the score remains the same, for example we will work on the layout for a normal and singles Trix game

You will find 5 tabs on the top each representing a game and an empty score table. To enter your scores after you finish playing a game (for example Trix), click on the Diamonds tab on top and the following screen will appear:

trix calculator trix count

Simply drag the marker to select the player ranks. The number next to the slider is the actual position. The number in above the slider is the score collected so far. *Note: When the message in red is displayed the application will not allow you to progress because there is a calculation error with the entered numbers.

Diamonds and Ltoush follow the same logic, and have similar screens.

King of hearts:

The King of hearts and Queens have a different format to calculate, since you can double any of them, the pages are designed to enter who doubled and who received the card.

To select the King of hearts game, please select the K tab at the top now if nobody doubled the King of hearts then just enter the person who received the King of Hearts, click on next and it will automatically add the scores. However if it was doubled, then you would have to toggle the doubling function to on and you should see the page below:

trix calculator king count

Now you can enter who doubled the King of hearts as well as who received it, click next and it will automatically be calculated. *Example: above is a demonstration of player 1 receiving the doubled king of heart, from player 3.


Adding the queens is similar to the King of Hearts however, its a bit trickier since your dealing with 4 different queens. To select the queens game, please select the Q tab at the top, you should see the page below:

Queens count

Now if nobody doubled any of the queens then just enter the player that received the according queen, click on next and it will automatically add the scores. However if it was doubled, then you would have to toggle the doubling function to on (*Note: you have to scroll down to see entire page.)

On the page you will find that there are 2 sets, the first set is to indicate which player received the selected queen, and the one below is indicate who gave it. So for example if player 1 received the queen of hearts from player 2 then you would select the queen of hearts under the player 1 column on the upper set. And the queen of hearts under the Player 2 column in the lower set.

Now in many games there is usually a queen that isn’t doubled, in that case the player who received the queen is selected from both sets (the upper and lower sets).

Toggling between kingdoms:

The tabs at the bottom of the screen help you to toggle between each kingdom’s scoresheet. Please note that the scores on the screen are for the kingdom only and not the entire score.

To view the scores for the entire game click on the “i” icon below the scores and that will list all the scores from the kingdoms with the total score of the game at the very bottom.


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